Eagle Café

                Cafe Phone # 615-384 - 3509                                                                               Lisa Baker- Cafe Manager
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Coopertown Elementary School's breakfast and lunch is free of charge for all enrolled students.

Parents who wish to visit and eat lunch with their child will be charged $4.00.
Parents who wish to eat breakfast with their child will be charged $2.50.

You may view your child's lunch history, including payments, through www.parentonline.net free of charge.

If school is 1 hour late, breakfast WILL BE served.
If school is 2 hours late, breakfast WILL NOT BE SERVED.
On early release days lunch WILL BE served.

Dippin Dots will be sold in addition to lunch . These items may be purchased before they key in their lunch number. 

In order to keep the cafeteria clean and pleasant, 
the following rules will be observed by all students:

  1. Use a “Quiet Voice” to talk to friends next to you.
  2. Leave your area clean. Take all trash and put in designated trash cans.
  3. Remember to get everything you need before you sit down. 
  4. Raise your hand if you need help or if you forgot something.
  5. PRACTICE GOOD MANNERS! Do not play with or throw food. 
  6. Say “Please"..."Thank You"..."Excuse Me.”
  7. Walk at all times.  No horseplay.
  8. Do not get up without permission. Raise your hand.
  9. Students will be assigned to silent lunch when group noise necessitates.
  10. Show respect for all cafeteria staff.
  • 3746 Hwy 49 W, Springfield, TN 37172
  • 615 384 7642
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