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Eagle's Town

Director: Tasha Crain

Hours of Operation: 2:30 PM - 6:00 PM

School Year Rates and Fees:

Registration Fee                         $25.00
  Afternoons only                         $55.00
 Sibling Discount                           $5.00
 "All Day Out" (open 6:30am - 6pm)       $10.00 per child added to weekly fees
 Holiday (Fall, Winter, & Spring breaks)    $100 for the full week, $80 for 4 days, $60 for 3 days (1-2 days are not available)
 Summer Rates and Fees:
Registration Fee                            $30.00 (Includes a T-Shirt)
3 Day Rate                                      $80.00
4 Day Rate                                      $90.00
5 Day Rate                                      $100.00
All fees must be paid for a week in advance.
Hours                                       6:30am - 6:00pm
If we are open on a snow day our hours will be 7am-5pm! Please look for us under the daycare listings on News Channel 5.