Pig Race Day at CES

PIg Race Day at CES
Posted on 02/02/2018

What a fun day!  On Jan. 31st at CES we had our Famous Pig Race. Thanks to everyone who sold cookie dough we raised $.  If students sold 16 items they won a pig for the famous pig race.  The students decorated their pigs however they wished.  We had each grade level to race their pigs.  1st grade pig racers were Elizabeth Binkley-Poor, and JT Mitchell-Crouch.  The winner for 1st grade was Elizabeth Binkley and she won $20.00 cash.  Each pig racer received a medal.  2nd grade pig racers were Riley App-Boucher, Paityn Batson-Hummel, Lilly Avery-Perry, and Gerald Taylor-Boucher.  The winner for 2nd grade was Lilly Avery and she won $20.00 cash.  Each pig racer received a medal.  3rd grade pig racers were Ethan Black-Bush, Myzzie Lynn-Bush, Dace Beasley-Bush, Tucker Rogers-Coleman, Sloan Morris-Ray, Reese Buck-Ray, and Bryce Baldwin-Ray.  The winner for 3rd grade was Dace Beasley and he won $20.00 cash.  Each pig racer received a medal.  Kindergarten pig racers were Kaylah Smith-Hall, Tanner Drake-Hall, Dakota Mucker-Nicks, Avery App-Nicks, Logan Dillard-Nicks, and Harper Mounts-Hall.  The winner for kindergarten was Harper Mounts and she won $20.00 cash.  This year we had a teacher pig race.  The teacher pig racers were Ms. Hall, Mrs. Poor, Ms. Boucher, and Mrs. Ray.  All student got to see the teachers race their pigs.  The winner of the teachers pig race was Ms. Hall-Kindergarten.  She won a box of Little Lambs cookie dough. 

Top seller school-wide: Kaylah Smith-$100.00 gift card

2nd Place school-wide: Sloan Morris-$50.00 gift card

3rd Place school-wide: Dakota Mucker-$25.00 gift card

Top teacher: Ms. Hall-$25.00 gift card

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